Jobs & Career

We are an International institution in Ørestad, which opened in April 2019 and achieved a long waiting list within a year. That waiting list has only gotten bigger in the following years. As we are still a young institution, we are constantly evolving. Are you an enterprising, responsible and passionate about the growth and development of children? Rooftop may have a place for you.

Rooftops child view:

A child is not a particular species that different from man. A child is a man or woman who just has not reached full physical size yet. A child is a thinking, sentimental person, in a small body with limited language. Any law applicable to the conduct of men and women applies to children.

A good, stable adult with love and tolerance in his heart is the best therapy a child can receive. At Rooftop, we respect our children, as we ourselves would like to be respected.

We therefore work consciously:

  • To identify and use the inherent strengths and potentials in each child in its development and growth
  • To create a framework that will actively stimulate individual child in developing concrete skills that will benefit a resourceful citizenship.
  • The value of play in learning
  • To support children in developing their curiosity and imagination

We want you to:

  • Have a positive and appreciative view of children
  • Be clear and reflective in your profession
  • Be a good role model for both your colleagues and parents
  • Have a good and appreciative communication and relation with both children and their parents0
  • Be adaptable and be able to communicate and share your experience / knowledge.
  • Be structured and organized and at the same time be spontaneous and follow the children’s initiatives and interests
  • Perceive play, children’s culture, everyday routines and activities as important arenas for educational development.

We can offer you

  • A rich opportunity to have influence on institution’s pedagogic processes and everyday structure in your group.
  • A work environment that is characterized by responsibility and a sense of community
  • A workplace / kindergarten that experiences it as a strength that we are diverse with different needs.
  • An exciting and real International work environment where diversity and culture is something we live and experience on a daily basis. Here you meet children from over 30 different nationalities and the staff from 11 different nationalities and we speak both Danish and English on an equal footing.
  • A team that is always smiling and welcoming and a management that is easily accessible.

Lincoln said, “The best way to predict your future is to create it.”

Children are 25% of our population, but 100% of our future. We are creating the future we want, in Rooftop ”

You are welcome to submit an unsolicited application if you want to believe in creating your own future.