As a private institution, we have pedagogical audit from the Copenhagen municipal government 4 times a year -thrice announced and once unannounced.
The pedagogical supervision consists of a corps of consultants who audit the private institutions in Copenhagen.

Legal basis:
The pedagogical audit must ensure that the clause §1, the purpose, of the Day-care Act is fulfilled. Guidelines and provisions on private childcare are found in the guidelines on day-care services, chapter 32. The institution is itself responsible for complying with the provisions of the day-care law.

Content of the audit:
* The institution’s overall educational profile.
* The pedagogical curriculum and follow-up on focus points with action plans and evaluation.
* The daily pedagogical practice  in accordance with goals from the educational curriculum.
* The institution’s efforts on children’s language development.
* Institution’s approach to children and their development potential.
* Dialogue with parents
* Working conditions for staff   – including their work schedule.

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Tove Smidt