Learning Environment

International daycare and kindergarten Rooftop, that opened April 5, 2019, is the largest integrated private institution in Ørestad. Rooftop has room for 100 children in its 880 sqm large premises.  Our focus is on holistic development of children. Therefore, our effort is to care for each child’s needs, as an individual and as a part of the group. This means that we strive to ensure that each child get individual attention, is seen, heard and understood by other children and the adults.

Rooftop’s premises and outdoor areas are thus designed to accommodate each child’s needs. We have consciously deselected the traditional room structures and have established an open architecture design in its place. Our interior design as well as playground landscaping is both inviting and engaging. At the same time it sets a conducive framework for the children to develop and thrive. I

The kindergarten has functional rooms, such as Lego rooms, krea-workshop, theater room, and small cozy areas that allows children to immerse themselves undistracted in activities and games. The nursery area is designed as oases with engaging themes, such as ocean, ​garden etc. This provides the possibility for children to play undistracted and in small groups.  The goal is to provide ample opportunity for the children to go in and out of groups, but also give the opportunity to immerse themselves in a chosen activity.