Parental Board

“§ 15. The parent board of a day care institution must establish principles for the day care institution’s work, for the cooperation between day care and home.”

A principle can be defined as a framework that allows the manager and employees to take different actions in practice. A principle is based on perspectives and approaches, but does not contain concrete outline on what needs to be done or how.

The board of Rooftop consists of the head of the institution and a parent-appointed board, with three members,  substitute members and a representative from the teaching staff. The parent-elected members are appointed for 2 years at a time at the annual joint parent meeting.

The parent board meets  4-6 times a year for board meetings, where the pedagogical framework, institution’s challenges, education framework, projects, inspiration, etc. are discussed. The general manager is responsible for ensuring that the overall framework for Børneinstitution Rooftop is complied with.

Parents are welcome to address questions about the institution, pedagogy etc. to the board members.

Ahsan (Formand)