Meet the Team

RADHIKA, Principal

My motto is: “If I know I can, then I must”.  I have the ability to make a difference in the day care area, therefore I assume that responsibility.

My journey started in the corporate sector, where I had the opportunity to manage projects and people. But the destination was to be here, in the children’s universe. With Masters in science and in marketing, I bring an inquisitive mind, organized thinking and many years of management experience to Rooftop. Furthermore, I also graduated in pedagogy and  have 7 years of experience in one of the best institutions in Denmark. This gives me a strong foundation for managing my staff and this institution.

I am a hands-on manager and pedagogy is first and foremost in my heart. One can therefore often find me among the children, along with my staff. I like to have close contact with parents, understand their views, and help them in the challenging task  that parenting sometimes can be.

My mission: “Create the best environment for holistic development of children.”

Montessori Pedagogue

I have been working as a Montessori educator for several years and have experience in combining learning and play in the children’s daily lives.  I like to follow and contribute to their daily learning, development and education.
I believe that we learn as much from children as we teach them. To ensure a holistic development of the child,  parents and educators must work as a team. Therefore, I attach great importance to understanding parents and to answering their concerns, subjects and questions in the best possible way.

I perceive myself as a caring, patient, reflective and inclusive person. I like to be active in the company of the children. As an educator, I place great emphasis on listening and creating space for the child’s expression. I am simple, lucid and unambiguous with children and create a recognizable setting for children where they can share their experiences. On a daily basis, I express myself visually on canvases with spray and brush paint and like to play football.

Teaching Assistant
I am a trained pedagogical assistant from Italy with specialization in working with children with disabilities. Through my life’s journey, all my work has been around helping people. Six years ago i got an opportunity to work as a ‘peda-cook’, in a kindergarten,  where I met Radhika and got associated with Rooftop since its idea stage.  I finally achieved my dream of working with children. In Rooftop I use my experience with food to stimulate their sensory, cognitive and intellectual skills. 

Assistant Educator
I am an experience educator with a Bachelor and a Masters in Social Service, from Bejing university. I prefer to be on the floor with the children – “at the height of children”, involved in planned and spontaneous activities.
I am empathetic and very attentive to the thoughts and needs of every child and meet them where they are,. I am good at making learning a fun experience. Besides, I have a great interest in nature, which I like to share and inspire the children with.


I’m a pedagogue with a great focus on language development. I create a learning environment where not only the spoken language is used, but also body language, facial expressions and picture language comes in to play.  Here children will experience my appreciative approach my many smiles and hugs. I emphasise being present, get to know the child’s interests, see the child’s opportunities, and create a safe everyday life that supports a good development.

Assistant Educator
I am an experienced assistant educator and come from a family of educators. I grew up with foster children around me, so the pedagogical work with people has always come naturally to me. I love being active and can often be spotted with kids on a soccer field or running round with them. Being at the children’s eye level is the most important part of the pedagogy for me. A wise man once said, “You are only an adult when you are not afraid to be childish.

SEVIN, Pedagogue
I am a pedagogue and I have worked with speech/hearing impaired children before my pedagogue education. During my education, I did my internship in an institution for children with challenges. As an educator, my focus is making the kids feel cared for based on an appreciative approach that meets each child at eye level. In addition, I emphasize a good parental collaboration with lots of communication, as the interaction between us and parents is an important foundation for the children.

Assistant Educator
I am a Montessori educator with an additional education in child psychology.  I like to do art, craft and creative activities with children. I believe that a creative activity can be used as an effective tool for the holistic development of a child, as it opens the doors to imagination, allows for the development of motor and cognitive skills and strengthens the ability to concentrate. I also enjoy field-trips with children, especially in nature. I encourage children to be inspired by nature in their creativity.


I have a PH.d in educational processes and have expertise in Reggio Emilio. I have more than 7 years of international experience in preschool education. Working with children is one of my passions and I love the way they discover the world, especially through playing in and with nature. I also like to do creative activities with tools that develop children’s imagination. Whether it is outdoors or indoors, I love to incorporate the many facets of nature into my work with children. I use creative activities as my favorite tool in developing and educating children.


I am a pedagog with focus on sensory development, body and health.
I organise daily routines for children with plenty of opportunities for physical romp and frolic. My goal is that children can experience and understand their body and its enormous abilities. I believe that an appreciative and acknowledging approach towards children is the best condition for building a good and trusting relationship. I am an advocate for a day filled with tender care, companionship, lots of laugh, hugs, and time for each child.

KAREN, Assistant Educator
After I graduated in the summer of 2019, I wanted to work in a kindergarten.
I am the oldest in a sibling group of 5, where the youngest is 10 years younger than me and it has always made me happy to take care of them all. -I believe children are the future. I think it is fun to play with the kids especially with the creative and imaginative side. I am a bit of a childish soul and won’t lie about the fact that I actually find it fun to make bead crafts.

Assistant Educator
I am a young fresh guy with lots of energy who loves to be outside and keep me going. I focus on human contact and care and have therefore worked primarily in this area – as an assistant in a nursing home. I have also been a Royal Life Guard, where I was assigned a large area of responsibility because I show a great overview and am always deeply committed to my work. In Rooftop, I contribute with these qualities and competencies.

RONALYN, Assistant Educator
I come from the Philippines but have lived in Denmark for over 6 years.
I have worked with children for over 1,5 years in both private institutions and as a private childcarer. I am a hardworking, helpfull and jolly person who enjoys taking good care of children and making sure that they are happy and enjoying their time here in Rooftop.

Assistant Educator
With a a master’s degree in English, I have worked with children for several years. I have been working in kindergarten since 2016 and love working with and being around toddlers. A good day is a day with room for creativity, coziness and care. I believe that children need space to shape and unfold their interests and needs. There should be place to learn language, physical and social skills and at the same time space for care, hugs and recognition.

ROBERT, Cook/Head Chef
I am Rooftop’s cook. I have over 20 years’ experience as chef in hotels. It is an interesting challenge, from servicing grown-ups to satisfying tiny people, -a challenge I look forward to everyday. My experience of servicing a variety of requests at the same time, as a chef in a hotel, is of great advantage to address the special needs that many children may have, such as allergies, vegetarianism, religious reason etc. I hope to bring some colors, aroma and flavor to Rooftop with my ‘French-Italian connection’

Assistant Educator
I am a trained health worker and have several years of experience in nursing. I have also worked as a teaching assistant. I am lively, energetic and full of laughter. “At the top of laughter, the universe opens up endless new possibilities,” a certain man once said. It is my goal to get both children and adults to experience and explore these possibilities. I like to work with cognitive development of children and give each child individual attention.

FAUSTOKitchen Assistant
I am the kitchen assistant at Rooftop, but I help all my colleagues anytime and with anything when a helping hand is needed. I am also responsible for general hygiene. You can find me either in the kitchen with a potato peeler in hand, washing up or preparing food. Sometimes outside watering the plants though.  On Mondays you will find me with disinfectant in hand. I disinfect all toys as well as wall, handles etc. to help protect our lovely children.

Assistant Educator
I am a Filipino woman with a Danish man and have lived here for 4 years. Throughout my life’s journey, I have educated myself and worked in the IT industry in the Philippines, have been a nanny in Singapore and Au Pair to an autistic child in Denmark. I am an open and kind person with always a smile on my face. I’m curious and infect the kids with it. I have the best when I am busy and it results in a fun and active day for children and me on a daily basis.

MARCUS, Assistant educator
I am a young and energetic man who likes to work in the social sector as caring for people comes naturally to me. In December I finished my military service in the Royal Life Guard and plan to join the police academy in a couple of years. As Rugby player and a trainer for children in Rugby, I can grab many balls at a time, meaning I can be attentive towards several children at a time. I add energy, action, playfulness to Rooftop, and do a lot of outdoor activities with the children.

Steiner Pedagogue
I have worked mostly as a support educator for a child with special needs. I am interested in sports and active life. Am also musical: I plays on clang instruments and flute. I identify myself well with the children who are introverted and shy as I myself am a little shy. I open myself up completely in the company of children. I use this as a strength in my work where I give each child, especially the introverted and shy ones, the support to express themselves confidently.

I completed my high school in summer of 2020 and I decided a long time ago to work with children after high school. I have been an instructor in gymnastics for small children for many years. I love helping children find different ways to understand and express themselves through body movements. Am a very positive who loves to laugh and have fun. Likewise, I have strong focus on care, closeness and compassion and am always ready with a hug or two.

SAHANA, Pedagogue student
I am pursuing my studies in Early Childcare and Education (ECCE) in India and as part of my education I am doing a 1,5 year internship in Rooftop. I find the Danish pedagogy to be holistic, and I wish to learn this way of working. I am a classical dancer and have worked as a kindergarten teacher for the last 8 years. I love to use performing arts and theater as a means of developing children. I also hope to have contributed to the children with the structured learning experience that I bring from India.

Montessori Pedagogue
I am a Montessori trained teacher with 3,5 years of experience. I enjoy being surrounded by children and have a natural passion for encouraging and helping young children to reach their potential. I strongly believe that instilling values such as curiosity, discipline, Independence and social skills in young minds can make responsible grownups. I contribute to Rooftop with a structured and organised way of working with children.

Assistant Educator
I completed high school in the summer of 2020, and plan to be an educator, as I have always desired and enjoyed working with children. For now i plan to get my hands dirty and gain a lot of great experience here at Rooftop. I make a lot of music in my spare time. I contribute with creativity, music, lots of energetic play, a caring and warm-hearted approach to the children, and not least a lot of fun and hugs.


Teaching assistant
I am a graduate in Teaching and have several years of experience in Early Childcare and Education in India and Singapore. I am easily approachable and have a high sense of commitment. I am passionate about developing independence and self-worth in children by focussing on their interests. You will always find me with a smile because, ” a smile is a curve that sets everything right”


Teaching Assistant
I am highly versatile and adaptable. I enjoy being confronted with new tasks and challenges everyday. I graduated in busines administration from Serbia and a 2 year diploma in Business Administration from Nils Brock, Copenhagen. I worked for over 7 years as a fulltime  substitute in an integrated institution in Amager. I enjoy working on developming motorskills in children, through activities where they can use and experience their body used. I bring this special skill and experience to Rooftop as its fulltime substitute.