Meet the Team

RADHIKA, Principal

My motto is: “If I know I can, then I must”.  I have the ability to make a difference in the day care area, therefore I assume that responsibility.

My journey started in the corporate sector, where I had the opportunity to manage projects and people. But the destination was to be here, in the children’s universe. With Masters in science and in marketing, I bring an inquisitive mind, organized thinking and many years of management experience to Rooftop. Furthermore, I also graduated in pedagogy and  have 7 years of experience in one of the best institutions in Denmark. This gives me a strong foundation for managing my staff and this institution.

I am a hands-on manager and pedagogy is first and foremost in my heart. One can therefore often find me among the children, along with my staff. I like to have close contact with parents, understand their views, and help them in the challenging task  that parenting sometimes can be.

My mission: “Create the best environment for holistic development of children.”

LISA, Montessori Educator 
I have been working as a Montessori educator for several years and have experience in combining learning and play in the children’s daily lives.  I like to follow and contribute to their daily learning, development and education.
I believe that we learn as much from children as we teach them. To ensure a holistic development of the child,  parents and educators must work as a team. Therefore, I attach great importance to understanding parents and to answering their concerns, subjects and questions in the best possible way.

LORETA, Peda-cook
I am a trained pedagogical assistant from Italy, have trained under a master in cooking for children, and I am  Rooftop’s chef  – or simply the peda-cook. With years of experience in the kitchen, I am sure to take good care of your children’s nutritional needs. No matter how small you are, you will experience the best service every single day in the canteen. I receive daily feedback from children and staff about the food, so I can make the food the kids like. I am delighted  to take the children on adventures in the magical world of food ,  stimulating their sensory experience.

Montessori educator

I am a trained Montessori educator and also have an education in child psychology.  I like to do art, craft and creative activities with children. I believe that a creative activity can be used as an effective tool for the holistic development of a child, as it opens the doors to imagination, allows for the development of motor and cognitive skills and strengthens the ability to concentrate. I also enjoy field-trips with children, especially in nature. I encourage children to be inspired by nature in their creativity.

KASPER, Assistant Pedagogue
I love working with children, and do what I can to ensure they have a fantastic experience every day in the institution. I have a goal, which is to ensure that each child has a smile on its lips, every day.  I believe, a happy day is fundamental for learning, growing and developing as a child. All my activities with and around children are designed  with fun, play and experiential learning  in focus.
I am also the Mr. Practical of Rooftop. If there is something to be fixed,  made or repaired, I am happy to do so. Here too, the children get to experience and learn with me.

AIMI,  Assistant Educator
I am educated in the social field and have  a Bachelor and a Masters in Social Service, from Bejing university. I have over 6 years of experience working with children. I love to be on the floor among the children or, as one says, “be at the height of children” , occupied by planned or spontaneous activities.
I am empathetic and very attentive to the thoughts and needs of a child. I am good at making learning a fun and good experience. I meet every child at the level where they are, and my focus is to strengthen their independence and self-confidence. Besides, I have a great interest in nature, which I like to share and inspire the children with.

EMERALD, Assistant educator
I am a trained healthcare professional and have several years of experience in care. I am lively, energetic and full of laughter. “At the height of laughter, the universe is flung into a kaleidoscope of new possibilities”, as a wise man once said. It is is my aim to influence children and adults, so they can experience and explore these possibilities.
I am good at working with cognitive development of nursery children and giving each child individual attention and support.  I believe that the parents, my colleagues and especially the children should have a pleasant experience in Rooftop.

JULIE, Pedagogue
I’m a pedagogue with a great focus on language development. I create a learning environment where not only the spoken language is used, but also body language, facial expressions and picture language comes in to play.  Here children will experience my appreciative approach my many smiles and hugs. I emphasise being present, get to know the child’s interests, see the child’s opportunities, and create a safe everyday life that supports a good development.

NICOLE, Pedagogue
I am a pedagog with focus on sensory development, body and health.
I organise daily routines for children with plenty of opportunities for physical romp and frolic. My goal is that children can experience and understand their body and its enormous abilities. I believe that an appreciative and acknowledging approach towards children is the best condition for building a good and trusting relationship. I am an advocate for a day filled with tender care, companionship, lots of laugh, hugs, and time for each child.

DUYGU, pedagogue
I am a pedagogue and have worked as such in another private daycare institution before I started here in the Rooftop.
My focus is on the child’s development and process of learning. I like to gain insight to the individual child and its world. That is how I best support the child in growing, learning and being part of a multicultural group.


FAUSTOKitchen Assistant
I am a kitchen assistant at Rooftop, but I help all my colleagues anytime and with anything when a helping hand is needed. I am also responsible for general hygiene. You will find me either in the kitchen with a potato peeler in hand or outside  watering the plants and on Mondays you will find me with disinfectant in hand. I disinfect all toys as well as wall, handles etc to protect our lovely children.

KAREN, Assistant Educator
After I graduated in the summer of 2019, I wanted to work in a kindergarten.
I am the oldest in a sibling group of 5, where the youngest is 10 years younger than me and it has always made me happy to take care of them all. -I believe children are the future. I think it is fun to play with the kids especially with the creative and imaginative side. I can be a bit of a childish soul and won’t lie about the fact that I actually find it fun to make bead crafts.

RONALYN, Assistant Educator
I come from the Philippines but have lived in Denmark for over 6 years.
I have worked with children for over 11 years in both private institutions and as a private childcarer. I am a hardworking, helpfull and jolly person who enjoys taking good care of children and making sure that they are happy and enjoying their time here in Rooftop.

ROSALBA, Pedagogue
I have a PH.d in Educational Processes and have expertise in Reggio Emilia. I have more than 15 years of international experience in early childhood education. Working with children is one of my passions and I love the way they discover the world, especially playing in, and with nature. Also, I like to do creative activities with tools to develop children imaginations.

ANDREAS, Pedagogue
I am a newly trained Pedagogue (summer 2019) and I am ready to give the children a good start to their life. I have two kids myself, which gives me lot of experience.  I am good at taking care of children, which the children I care for also express. I want to give my all, so the children have a nice calm atmosphere where they feel safe, and learn a lot about themselves and the world around them, cause the world can sometimes feel very big.

Alina, Assistant educator
 am an English graduate, but have been working with children since 2006.  I have been working in kindergarten since 2014 and love to work with and be around toddlers. A good day, is a day of space for creativity, cosiness and caring. I believe that children should be allowed to form and develop their interests and needs. – Be in an environment where they are in focus when learning languages, physical and social skills, and at the same time, time for care, hugs and recognition.

Mikkel, Assistant educator
I am currently on a break from my studies before I start my candidate.
To me, working with children is one of the most meaningful things I can do. I have 4 years of experience working in kindergartens/nurseries. I value sports, outdoor activities, and also to create room/time for contemplation. In my approach to the children I focus on creating good relationships and to really listen and acknowledge. I love telling stories and reading aloud, and my goal is that the kids also have some great stories to tell at home.