About Rooftop team

Rooftop nursery and kindergarten, is a truly multi-cultural, international day care and kindergarten. In a city that has opened its arms to so many cultures, we believe we must open our hearts to them in Rooftop. With our children representing a variety of culture, the natural corollary is that its reflected in our staff group. We strive to offer a rich cultural experience to our children in Rooftop.


We in Rooftop are very aware that working with children is a very great responsibility, since children are our future. We only employ staff who have the interest and the willingness to go the extra mile for creating the best possible environment for a child’s growth and development. Upon hiring, every staff, whether a pedagogue or a kitchen helper, is educated in Rooftop’s culture, pedagogy and values.


The institution’s principal will ensure that the staff continuously upgrade their knowledge and skills internally and encourage staff to pursue further education or learn new skills to improve themselves. Learning is after all a lifelong process …