Nutritious Meals

Rooftop offers three meals a day – breakfast, warm lunch and sumptuous afternoon meal every day besides snacks late afternoon. For Rooftop ‘MEALS’ is much more than just healthy food and nutrients.

We see the meal as a core part of our pedagogical task, as here we see an opportunity to bring care, education and learning into play. That’s why the Rooftop staff always eats with the kids.

A meal changes mood when everyone eats the same food. It’s nice, since we share a taste and experience through our senses: We see, smell, taste and talk about the food on the plate. Children are curious and braver when eating the same kind of food.
-And then it’s just great with warm food!

Rooftop has a dining room with an open kitchen which creates the right environment for a good meal. The kitchen ensures that food becomes a fantastic sensory experience for the children.

Rooftop Canteen

Our chef ensures that the children get a varied, nutritious diet and are gradually introduced to new dishes and flavours.

– Breakfast consists of porridge, bread, cold cuts (meat) and fruit.

– For lunch we serve hot dishes with either fish, chicken, meat or lentils and beans. Menu is recognisable for the children as the favourite dishes are repeated.

-The afternoon meal consists of bread, cheese, eggs, cold cuts and fruit.

Rooftop focuses not just on quality but quality too and wants children eat all they wish and until they are full!
With every meal fresh, organic vegetables such as broccoli, cucumber, carrots, peppers, tomatoes or fruits are served. Fresh fruit is also available during the day for children and staff.

A meal is a good educational activity where preparations can help inspire and sharpen a child’s appetite. On the whole, the food scheme contributes to the creation of a delicious food culture, where the children can acquire new skills in covering tables, buttering themselves, cleaning, sharing, moving on, asking for more food, etc.

At Rooftop, we focus on healthy, organic food with a limit on sugar and salt. Our chef, takes care of shopping and cooking. We strive to ensure that at least 80% of our purchases is organic.