Goal & Mission

At Rooftop nursery & kindergarten, our mission is to help you – the parents, raise healthy, self-determined, inquisitive and socially aware children.  Our pedagogy is built around offering time, space and opportunity to each child, so they can unfold their fantasy, express their ideas and attain their full potential.

We take inspiration from several pedagogic school of thoughts and education principles such as Montessori, Steiner, John Dewey’s ‘Learning by doing’ amongst others.


Our educational goal: School-ready, holistically developed, independent children who are ready to engage in society.

Rooftop’s focus is on creating a learning environment and daily routine that promotes children’s learning,  development and independence. The children must be given a safe and challenging environment where there is room for everyone. We find that diversity is a force that creates dynamism.

In collaboration with the parents’ unique insight into their children, we can create the necessary challenges for each child and work with the idea that the child’s weaknesses can be improved by starting from the child’s many strengths.

It is our job to support the child in understanding and expressing his feelings, and in addition, the children must be supported and taught about being considerate, respectful and tolerantce of their own and others’ boundaries. As a daycare institution, we have the honor of introducing a broad social context, where the children gradually acquire a curiosity, understanding and acceptance of norms and rules of the game, both in the group and in society.

For us, it is an important mission that the child, through various interactions, learns to be able to accept or reject to maintain his own individuality.

The pedagogical processes must lead to the child, at the end of the nursery, naturally looking for greater challenges in the middle group and at the end of the middle group is looking forward to and is ready to start in the kindergarten, and that he/she eventually desires joyfully to start in school. During the child’s journey in Rooftop, our goal is that the child acquires necessary skills and knowledge that lays a solid foundation  for  life.