Our values


We believe in attentive, appreciative and responsive approach towards each individual, may it be child, staff or parent. This is the foundation on which we have built our value set. This is consciously practiced in our daily interactions with children, parents and staff, such that each person feels seen, heard, understood and valued.

We believe that a child should learn and experience his/her surroundings, such that the child feels safe and secure in its environment. Our effort is to help each child in learning to trust their own intuition and ability.

Coopt and Cooperate
We believe that every child should see itself as being a valuable contributor to the community and experience its strong affiliation to the group.
We strive to create an environment which is harmonious; each person feels welcome; each person feels a pride in being part of the group and can see the group as a single entity.

Freedom and Influence
We strongly believe in the principles of liberty and freedom. Children must have a say and an influence on their own daily life. They must be involved in decision-making processes that affect their daily live. We see children as active participants in their own development and learning processes, and in the daily life. It is our responsibility to ensure that they see themselves as co-creators of the community – social and cultural.

Each child is unique and has a place in the group on its own terms. We offer an environment where the differences and disabilities are seen as an opportunity to learn and grow. We strive to create a group that is acceptive of the differences and appreciative of the unique potential in each individual.

Learning by doing
We believe in letting children learn through self-experience. We are just facilitators in the process of learning. ‘Play’ is the primary learning tool of a child. It is therefore our responsibility to provide an environment where a child has ample opportunity to learn through its play, grow as per its interest and at its own pace.


Self discovery
“First principle of true teaching is that nothing can be taught” Sri Aurobindo.
Education is the manifestation of perfection already in man. Knowledge is inherent in a human, no knowledge comes from outside. Therefore, the role of a pedagogue is to help a child to discover the knowledge within.