Rooftop is a private institution and must therefore charge the parental fees itself.
The parental fee is to be paid prior to the 1stof every month and must be paid VIA PBS. There is no differentiation between the fee for nursery and the kindergarten children.

Monthly fee  : 4,300, 
(regardless of child’s age)

At enrollment the following must be paid:
One-month deposit 4,300, –
 (This will be deducted last month’s payment before the child leaves the institution)

Maintenance fee 4,300, –
 (To cover the main cleaning and maintenance of the premises)
This is an annual fee to be paid once a year, on the month of start-up.

Siblings discount:
Families who have more than 1 child in the institution automatically get siblings discount. 
(The youngest child is charged full price while the discount is given to the oldest child.)

This discount is calculated as 50% of the price of a similar place in a public institution of your commune. Example: If the price of a kindergarten place in the municipality of Copenhagen DKK 2,800. – our sibling discount is DKK 1,400, which is deducted from the oldest child’s fee.

Free place subsidy:
If the total household income is below a certain limit, you can apply for a free place subsidy.
Go to:
 www.borger.dk or for more information on this.


If you live in another municipality than Copenhagen, be aware that the price may be different, as the municipalities’ subsidies for day care vary from municipality to municipality. This difference will therefore be added to your child’s monthly fee.