Our story

The story of Rooftop is my own story too. 16 years ago, after an unpleasant experience in an institution I was recommended a little institution in Valby. I was deeply fascinated by the magic created by this little kindergarten in my little girl’s universe, every single day.
That’s when the seeds of Rooftop were sown. I decided, not to return to my corporate career and be part of this magic creation. After moving between countries a few times, when i finally settled in Denmark a few years ago, i took the jump finally and entered the universe of children. At the same time i completed Bachelor in Pedagogy.

In fall of 2016, while eating at one of the restaurants in Fields, the idea of Rooftop was born.

In Rooftop, we dream of creating a safe and happy environment for all the children in the world, because we can. We are willing to constantly learn the child’s universe. With ability and knowledge, comes responsibility. We take this responsibility seriously.
In Rooftop, we believe in ‘Growing with a View’ where the view is of the child and for the child.